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Password Generator/Validator


Tired of spending hours trying to come up with that new password that will meet certain password requirements? Or of entering a password you think will work only to have the system say “Sorry?” Well, look no further. The Password Generator/Validator is the answer to all of your problems.

The Password Generator/Validator will let you validate a password, or generate some new passwords, that will meet some obtuse requirements that are plainly laid out in the box labeled “Summary of Password Requirements” below.


Well, “How do I use this?,” you might ask.


To validate a password, simply enter it in the box below and select the “Check Password” button. The Password Generator/Validator will tell you if your password is compliant, and if it's not, it will tell you why.

Or, if you're having trouble coming up with a password that meets the requirements, select the “Give me some passwords to choose from.” link and 15 random, 6 to 10 character, passwords will be generated. If you want to use one of these you can copy it by clicking in the box to select it, then typing ctrl-c to copy it. You can then paste it into any other application. If you don't like any of the passwords, you can ask for some new ones.

Enter your password to check:

Password Choices

I don't like any of these, show me some new ones.